Biggest Loser Contest Rules

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Participant Pledge Form

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Health Profile Form

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Biggest Loser Contest Rules

  1. The contest takes place from January 27-April 27, 2020.
  2. All contestants must agree to and sign the contest Participant Pledge paper.
  3. Contestants are strongly advised not to miss more than 10% of scheduled weigh-in appointments. If more than 10% are missed, then a second consult with Dr. Weber is required.
  4. Contestants agree to follow the Chiro-Med weight loss program only, and not to follow other weight loss programs or to undergo surgical procedures simultaneously.
  5. **Results will be based on the percentage of body weight lost by each contestant, as measured and calculated by the Chiro-Med weight loss director.
  6. Contestants may visit our O’Fallon clinic location for weekly weigh-ins.
  7. No refunds. (Speak with Dr. Weber)
  8. The top 5 contestants will be invited to the finale, April 27, for the final weigh-in. Must be present in order to win. (But all contestants are encouraged to attend the finale to celebrate everyone’s success!)
  9. Current Chiro-Med weight loss clients are eligible to compete, but all weight loss prior to January 27 does not count towards the Biggest Loser contest.
  10. Contestants may join the contest any time after January 27 up to April 20, 2019, but must make arrangements with the clinic weight loss director to schedule an appointment for the first weigh-in, informational seminar, and to purchase the starter kit.

**We encourage anyone who has ever thought about doing this to do it, there is no time like the present!!  Even if you don’t wish to participate in the contest, all are welcome and encouraged to join